The Department of Chemistry at the University of Alberta provides an outstanding environment for studies in chemistry, is among the most research active departments in Canada, and is ranked as one of the top departments in the country.

The department is one of the best equipped and best funded in North America and has a faculty renowned internationally for excellence in teaching and research.

Jillian Buriak explains how her research team is developing thin, plastic-based solar cells that can be sprayed or rolled, like paint or wallpaper, onto a surface or even woven into fabric - making solar energy more accessible to everyone.


  1. Juli Gibbs-Davis recognized as Petro-Canada Young Innovator

    Chemistry professor Dr. Juli Gibbs-Davis has won the 2014 Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award.

  2. Computer program could help solve arson cases

    Sifting through the chemical clues left behind by arson is delicate, time-consuming work, but UAlberta Chemistry professor James Harynuk and collaborators, teaming with RCMP scientists, have found a way to speed the process.

  3. Materials research chapter hits campus

    Materials science and nanotechnology students at the University of Alberta have recently joined more than 70 universities across the world in becoming members of the internationally known Materials Research Society (MRS).

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