BSc Specialization Degree

  • Offers excellent training in chemistry
  • Allows you more flexibility to take courses in other branches of science
  • Prepares you for work as a professional chemist
  • You would generally be accepted for advanced study
  • The Specialization Chemistry degree is accredited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry

Admission Requirements

Recommended Program of Study

The complete Specialization program consists of *120 and must include *42 in Chemistry courses, *12 in Mathematics , *6 in Physics , *3 in Biochemistry or Biology, *6 in junior English or *3 in English and *3 in an Arts option, *12 in Arts options, and *9 in Senior Chemistry options and *30 in approved options. These options are normally chosen from within the Faculty of Science. All options must be selected in consultation with the Department of Chemistry. The honors curriculum can be used as a guide in planning a specialization program.

Continuation in the Specialization in Chemistry program requires a GPA of 2.3 on all Chemistry courses and a GPA of 2.3 on all courses beyond the first *30. Graduation requires a minimum GPA of 2.3 on the last *90 credited to the degree.

First Year

Fall Semester
CHEM 101 Science option PHYS 144 MATH 113 or 114 ENGL 1XX
Winter Semester
CHEM 102 CHEM 261 PHYS 146 MATH 115 ENGL 1XX

Second Year

Fall Semester
CHEM 211 CHEM 241 CHEM 263 MATH 214 Arts option
Winter Semester
CHEM 243 CHEM 282 CHEM 298 MATH 120 or 125 or 215 or STAT 151 Arts option

Third Year

Fall Semester
CHEM 313 CHEM 361 CHEM 371 BIOL 107 or BIOCH 200 Arts option
Winter Semester
CHEM/Science option CHEM 373 CHEM/Science option Science option Arts option

Fourth Year

Fall Semester
CHEM 398 CHEM/Science option CHEM/Science option CHEM/Science option Science option
Winter Semester
CHEM/Science option Science option Science option Science option Science option

NOTE: if PHYS 124 and 126 are taken in Year 1, then PHYS 230 or 281 is also required in the second year.